KUNST has a different commissions that exists of members. These members work together with the board to make sure all fun (and important) activities are going according to plan. On this page you can read all about our commissions.

Advisory board Raad van Advies

The board is always supported by the advisory board behind the curtains. When the board has problems or does not know what to do they can ask this commission for their help. It is usual that at least one person of this commission has been part of the board previously.
Currently this commission exists of: Michel, Lilian, Myrte, Sophie, Lieke & Tess

Cash control commission Kascontrole commissie

This commission checks if the finances of KUNST are going according to plan without being influenced by the board. They also make sure that everything is written down correctly.
Currently this commission exists of: Anna & Pim

Activities commission Activiteitencommissie

The activity commission organises an activity each month for our members. A cantus or surprise with Christmas, they will do it all.
Currently this commission exists of: Tess, Evi, Britt, Lotte & Elise

Drinks commission Borrelcie

The drinks commission organises our monthly drinks in Bar2. The craziest themes and games will be devised by this commission!
Currently this commission exist of: Mike, Lieke B, Tim, Fien & Yente

Weekend commission Weekendcommissie

The weekend commission organises a fun weekend away each year in Oktober or November. This weekend has a certain theme and all activities through out the weekend contribute to this. You do not want to miss out on this amazing weekend!
Currently this commission exists of: Myrte, Tess, Miriam, Britt & Cindy

Portrait commission Portretcommissie

The portrait commission collects all KUNST members once a year in the ‘smoelenboek’ and once a year they work on a photobook. Next to that they make sure pictures are taken during competitions and activities, so that our collection keeps growing.
Currently this commission exists of: Michelle, Anna, Annelot & Friederieke

Uit-de-KUNST-commission Uit-de-KUNST-commissie

This commission makes our association magazine four time per year. They make sure every activity is described in to detail, so even those who weren’t there can still enjoy it. Other things you can find in our magazine are recipies, interviews and silly comments that are taken out of context
Currently this commission exists of: Britt, Quinty & Isabelle

Vacation commission Vakantiecommissie

The vacation commission organises an vacation for KUNST-members in the year 2023-2024. Going abroud for a weekend or (mid)week and having fun!
Currently this commission exists of: Nynke, Lotte, Sophie & Pim

Batavierenrace commission Batavierenracecommissie

Of course this commission could not lack out. In May each year the biggest relay race in the world starts: the Batavierenrace. The Batavierenrace is a concept in the studentworld. Even more reasons for KUNST to take part!
Currently this commission exists of: Tom, Jip, Jamilla & Tim

Barbecue commission Barbequecommissie

This commission is appointed at the winter assembly. They will organise a delicious barbecue before or after the summer assembly.
Currently this commission exists of: Wouter & Barbara

Merchandise commission Merchandisecommissie

The KUNST merchandise contains shirts, sweaters, stickers, leotards, socks and more. The commission makes sure as many KUNSTmembers can shine in these articles and make sure we can fullfill our slogan: the purple invasion!
Currently this commission exists of: Nynke, Anna, Lieke, Isabelle

Competition Commission Wedstrijdcie

This year we won’t host a competition in our turnfacility in Nijmegen, this doesn’t mean the Competition Commission has nothing to do! This year they are looking to host a great and fun internal competition between members from KUNST.
Currently this commission exists of: Nynke, Fleur & Michelle