Graduaded and old-KUNST members together form the alumnigroup. The goal of this group is to still meet KUNST members from different generations and reminiscing. With other alumni they look back on their experiences and share memories from KUNST.

Alumni meet each other in for instance an alumni-drinks or alumni-training, to get that KUNST feeling again. What is better than practicing you hobby with the best people from different generations to talk about what your amazing hobby? Do you want to be part of this alumnigroup? Than send an email to and we will make sure you get an invite to the alumni activities!

For alumni each season the following meetings are organised:

  • One moment to have drinks with other alumni to see and speak with each other
  • One activity with other alumni
  • One organised training (with coach Marc van Beurden)


Are you graduated and do you still want to become a KUNST member, than you can become a beneficiary. A KUNST beneficiary donates each year €166,-. This gives you nearly the same rights as members. You may join in practices, activities and competitions (if allowed by competition leaders). The only difference with a member is that beneficiaries are not allowed to vote in general members meetings.