About the board

The board of KUNST is working day and night to keep our association running. They direct commissions, communicate with other associations and make sure practices and activities are going according to plan.

With proud we present ourselfs as the 29th board of the student gymnastics association KUNST!
The board exists in season 2022-2023 out of the following people:

Maike Harmsen – Chair
Joep Saris – Secretary
Bart Bergman -Treasurer
Cindy de Weert – Competition commissioner
Tieme de Laat – Commissioner PR

Read more about our board members below!

Dear KUNSTenaars!!! I am Maike Harmsen, 20 years old and 3rd year Medicine student. I was born and raised in beautiful Doetinchem, maybe you know it from the Graafschap. There I have been doing gymnastics all my life and continued this in Nijmegen, as a member of KUNST. Meanwhile, the river Waal has won from the river Rhine and since two years I live in a nice student house. Friends know me as a sociable girl who is always in for a chat, or a lot of chat, until my ears fall off actually…. I am really looking forward to getting to know you all and having a nice chat!

Dearest KUNSTenaars, I am Joep Saris and this year I may introduce myself as Joep SecreSaris. I am nineteen years old and entering my second year both as a KUNST member, and as a resident of Nijmegen. I study Artificial Intelligence and don’t have much experience in gymnastics yet. I started last year and had not done gymnastics before this. I am learning a lot of new things that I had never done before, and I love that! In bubbling I have more experience, to check that out, come by a KUNSTborrel!

Dear KUNSTenaars, my name is Bart, I am a 4th year physics student. I come from Houten and I used to do gymnastics there until I was 17 years old. At the moment I exercise as much as possible, so besides gymnastics you will sometimes see me running or cycling. This coming year I will enjoy being treasurer. Here’s to a fun year!

Dearest KUNSTenaars, My name is Cindy de Weert and I am 23 years old. I come from the small town of Bruchem but have been allowed to live in beautiful Nijmegen for almost 4 years now. Besides my master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences, I love to do sports. I have been in the gym for as long as I can remember and still find it the most beautiful sport there is! I enjoyed gymnastics at KUNST so much, thanks also to the social drinks and fun activities, that I will take on the role of Competition Commissioner this year. I am looking forward to a sporty, but above all fun year with you all!

Dear KUNSTenaars, my name is Tieme de Laat, I am 20 years old and in my 3rd year of Physics and Astronomy. A little over a year ago I found a room in Dukenburch. This means that I have to cycle further than I want to every day to the uni or the city. It does mean that I get to live close to one of the nicest places in Nijmegen, the Sportqube. After jumping on the trampoline for several years, I started gymnastics at KUNST last year. Looking back on it, it was one of the best choices of my life! I hope everyone feels as much at home at KUNST as I do, in any case I will do my utmost to give everyone that feeling!