Are you a student in Nijmegen? Do you love gymnastics? Then KUNST is defenitely the association for you to join! It doesn’t matter if you have done gymnastics for as long as you can rember, or you have never done a cartwheel before, everybody is welcome at KUNST! Next from the the fun you have at the trainings, we also have a lot of fun at our activities.
If you like to become a member you can mail At the moment we have a waiting list so sadly you can’t become a member directly. However by mailing our board via the above mentioned email you can reserve a place on the waiting list. We will contact you again when there is a free spot.

Open practices

The open practices for study year 2023/2024 have come to an end. Shortly after the introduction week of the Radboud University we will host another 2 weeks of open practices. Those will probably be around the end of september. You can follow our instagram @NSTV_KUNST or check our site to stay up to dat. To attend the open practice you can contact the board by sending us an email or by filling in this form when the introduction week will start again. After that we will contact you.


For a membership with KUNST it is mandetory that you have a RSC student membership. With the RSC membership it is also possible to practice other sports at the RSC. A student membership for the schoolyear 2023-2024 costs 157,50 euro’s per year or 24 euro per month. Even if you aren’t a student it is possible to become a member. In that case you can send an e-mail to the board for the possibilities.

You can get the student sport membership here.

Sign up

Within KUNST there are two kind of memberships you can sign up for. These costs accumulate with the costs for the student sport membership from the RSC:

  • A membership for a year. This costs 49 euros per year. If you want to sign up you can fill in the membership and e-mail it to the board. You can also fill one out at practice.
  • A membership for half a year. This is a possibility if you want to become a member from February till September. Then in september you can decide whether you want a membership for a year. A membership for half a year costs 25,50 euro and you can sign up through this form.

Membership form full year

Membership form half year  (Only February- September)