Multiple times per year we meet with all the student gymnastics organisations from the Netherlands to have student gymnastics competitions.

Competitions in season 2023-2024

  • November 4 NSTC1 Utrecht
  • Februari 24 NSTC2 Rotterdam
  • March 9 NSTC jumping Enschede
  • May 11 NSK all-around Tilburg
  • June 8 NSTC teams Groningen

It is also possible to join in KNGU competitions. These competitions are not just for students but also for other Dutch gymnasts. If you are interested in joining KNGU competitions please contact us before October 1st, and we will provide more information.


During competitions we always have the goal to create a purple invasion! This is possible by wearing a KUNST-shirt, KUNST-sweater or even a KUNST-leotard. Our mascots and flags will also be present during the competition.

Examples of routines
To get an idea of what level you are on we have filmed several routines from different levels.
Woman are divided in levels 1 through 6, the men have 5 different levels.

Woman 4

Woman 5

Woman 6

Men 3

Man 4

Man 5

Ladies floorroutines
The following floorroutines are for inspiration, or to copy!

Floorroutine 1: music

Floorroutine 2: music

Floorroutine 3: music