Currently we are looking for a new assistant-coach. If you are interested we love to hear! More information can be found in our vacancy.

Currently, KUNST has 1 headcoach and two assistant coaches. Our coaches would love to introduce themselves.

Marc van Beurden (headcoach)

When I was 10 years old I started gymnastics. Because my 3 your older brother did gymnastics I wanted to do the same. Not yet knowing that the sports would give me so much pleasure, energy and challenge me even till this day. Back then as a gymnast and now as a coach.

Until I was 25 I have actively practiced gymnastics, in the last years I was on national level. I didn’t just spend 5 days per week in the gym (I lived next to it), but you could also excite me for many other sports. Ice hockey till softball, handball till football.

Therefore my choice to become sportsteacher and sign up for the ‘Katholieke Academie voor Lichamelijke Opvoeding te Tilburg’ was a logical one.

Since 1991 I work at Radboud Sportscentre and I got to experience the ‘birth’ of KUNST as a coach. After many years I still really enjoy being the coach of this beautiful association and I may learn all these youngsters the beauty of gymnastics. It still gives me a huge boost to accompany the experienced gymnasts, see where they can still improve and what they can learn. But also the starting gymnasts learning them how to do gymnastics is a challenge and gives me great pleasure. For both of them the experience of success and learning all these 3 dimensional movements is the challenge. ‘Practice makes KUNST’.

Jasper Schadron

When I was six years old and a member of AVGV (in my hometown Voorburg) for only a month, the club championships were held. Of the 12 boys of the club only half of them competed. I did a few somersaults, half turns in the air and an attempt to a cartwheel in the right order and completely surprised that I took the club trophy home! I haven’t come much further than this with only 1 hour, and 8 years later in a competition group 2,5 hours of practice per week. However, I still enjoyed doing gymnastics a lot, so when I moved to Nijmegen I became a member at KUNST straight away.
With practicing some more due to the RSC course it became giving more tips and a helping hand to others, and when the connecting Thursday practice of KUNST moved to the Ploegstraat (old gymnastics hall of the Hazenkamp), I still came. Meanwhile I had already seen many tricks of the trade from Marc and I started the trainers training and an internship at the Hazenkamp.
After a while as a volunteer at KUNST, I became an official employee of the RSC in 2020. Since then Marc and I are giving the gymnastics course at the RSC and the practices at KUNST. However, sometimes I still attend the practice at KUNST for an hour. I also still give practice at the Hazenkamp to different groups: the teenagers on the recreational level, adults with complete beginners and before also the 2nd division and since the summer of 2022 also the 4th division competition group.
I give practice to many different groups, but the beautiful part of giving practice is seeing the progression. And this is possible at every level. I find it very important that people are practicing for their own pleasure and can enjoy the amazing moves or steps towards a new element. And if I can help people with this (physically but also mentally), it gives me satisfaction with which I can hopefully give practice for many years in this beautiful sport.

Hortense Verhoeven

My name is Hortense and I’m a(n ex) first division gymnast at the Hazenkamp in Nijmegen. I started gymnastics when I was 5 years old at the Hazenkamp and since I was 15 years old I’ve done gymnastics in the first division. I got my bachelor in Artificial Intelligence in Nijmegen and after that I started doing my (pre)master in movement science in Amsterdam. Currently I’m writing my thesis and work as a consultant at an IT company part time. In the future I would like to do something with research and innovation in the gymnastics world. Besides gymnastics I also like to do different sports such as fitness, tennis and soccer. During the practices you can ask me anything about technique, choreography, leaps and execution. With my 1,55 m catching is not my strongest point, but I’m glad to give you my mental helping hand. I hope I can give members just that push or the one tip they need to excel. Because of the enthousiastic and diverse groups the atmosphere is really good and every time I go to the gym with pleasure.

Carolina Ameling

Hellloooo, I am Carolina (26 years) and currently following a master Health psycholgy in Nijmegen. I love to be around people, squasing, playing games, making fun, listening to or making music and ofcourse gymnastics.

As a little kid I was standing upside down, jumping and climbing around all the time. That’s the reason why my parents send me to the gymnastics club.

I am doing gymnastics since I was five years old, and soon after started doing competitions. Gymnastics is so much fun because there is always a challenge. And if beam doesn’t work out one day, there are plenty of other things you can do! In competition you van show what skills you learnt. The most important competitions I have participated in are the Beligum and Flemish championships. All of this I did till the age of 16. Then I stopped because I could not enjoy Gymnastics engouh due to injuries.

After that I started as a trainer in a competitiongroup, and later also for teens and toddlers. And now also for students, which I really enjoy! I find it important to teach new skills in little steps. I find it fascinating how fast people learn new things, all the motivation everyone has and how much we enjoy it together! With al lot of encouragment and peptalks together we can always take a step forwards. Everything which you thought you could not do, you can learn. Besides being a trainer you can also find me practicing in group B. If you have any questions, tips or encourangement you know how to find me!