Currently we are looking for a new assistant-coach. If you are interested we love to hear! More information can be found in our vacancy.

Currently, KUNST has 1 headcoach and two assistant coaches. Our coaches would love to introduce themselves.

Marc van Beurden (headcoach)

When I was 10 years old I started gymnastics. Because my 3 your older brother did gymnastics I wanted to do the same. Not yet knowing that the sports would give me so much pleasure, energy and challenge me even till this day. Back then as a gymnast and now as a coach.

Until I was 25 I have actively practiced gymnastics, in the last years I was on national level. I didn’t just spend 5 days per week in the gym (I lived next to it), but you could also excite me for many other sports. Ice hockey till softball, handball till football.

Therefore my choice to become sportsteacher and sign up for the ‘Katholieke Academie voor Lichamelijke Opvoeding te Tilburg’ was a logical one.

Since 1991 I work at Radboud Sportscentre and I got to experience the ‘birth’ of KUNST as a coach. After many years I still really enjoy being the coach of this beautiful association and I may learn all these youngsters the beauty of gymnastics. It still gives me a huge boost to accompany the experienced gymnasts, see where they can still improve and what they can learn. But also the starting gymnasts learning them how to do gymnastics is a challenge and gives me great pleasure. For both of them the experience of success and learning all these 3 dimensional movements is the challenge. ‘Practice makes KUNST’.